Ripples - Web infrastructure for Supervision and Awareness

Ripples is a web infrastructure aiming to increase the awareness of operators and scientists while controlling multiple autonomous assets deployed in the open sea. Ripples aggregates information from robotic devices as well as ships, weather forecasting services and real-time scientist observations.

Ripples builds upon the LSTS Toolchain extending it by providing satellite communications, multi-vehicle planning and a web frontend for such systems.

Ripples em utilização num smartphone para supervisão da execução autónoma de 2 AUVs.
Ripples being used on a smartphone to supervise the autonomous execution of 2 AUVs

Ripples has been used numerous times in MARINFO tests. For instance, when operating in harsh environments such as the Douro river outfall (DRiP), the operators can simply use a mobile phone to perceive the planned behavior of the vehicles as well as other possible threats such as strong currents and ships. Ripples is continuously under development can be accessed from


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